60% of Puring Kencana, Indonesia residents got Malaysia NRIC

WEST BORNEO – An estimated 60 percent of Puring Kencana residents in the Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan have legally obtained Malaysian identity cards (ICs).
According to Group Head of Indonesian Students Alumni Regiment on Territorial Research, West Kalimantan, Hapsoro Rahardjo published at www.pontianakpost.com, the number of Puring Kencana residents with Malaysian ICs is 60 percent.
The sub-district is located a mere five kilometers from Batu Lintang, not far from the borders of Sri Aman, Sarawak and West Kalimantan. The majority of more than 3,000 of Puring Kencana’s residents are Iban.
In a recent visit to Puring Kencana, Indonesian Member of Parliament, Kalimantan District Representative (DPD) Maria Goretti pointed out that only 22 percent of Puring Kencana residents have Malaysian ICs.
“They have dual-citizenship and are able to go in and out of Malaysia and Indonesia easily,” she added.
Meanwhile, Puring Kencana sub-district Head, Hermanus Jemayong, verified that there were residents who had obtained dual citizenship.
“However, we do not have an accurate figure of the number of Malaysian or Bruneian ICs held by residents,” said Jemayong.
With the Malaysian ICs, they are able to benefit from cheaper healthcare, as well as other facilities not available in Indonesia. Their children are able to attend schools in Malaysia and can find better jobs later on. It is estimated that 60 percent of them are already working in Malaysia.
Jumadi, a Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) doctoral candidate from West Kalimantan, who had carried out research on border issues, pointed out that Indonesia had failed to provide human security to its own citizens.
“This is further indication that the country is fragile,” he said.
“Borders are the country’s frontlines. As such, the Indonesian government should manage them well,” he said, suggesting that a specific portfolio be created to manage border affairs. (Publish in www.sarawakupdate.com, February, 21, 2011). Read all comment in Fb


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