Ricky El perform in Indonesia

West Kalimantan, Indonesia – Sarawak’s popular Iban singer, Ricky El, performed hit songs from his album to a rapturous crowd in Sintang Regency last night.
He was invited by Keling Kumang Credit Union (CUKK), one of the biggest credit cooperative financial institutions in Kalimantan, to perform at the institution’s 18th anniversary celebrations.
“We invited Ricky as he is popular in Kalimantan,” said Yohanes RJ, CUKK’s General Manager.
Among Ricky’s popular songs here include Anak Dara Ibuk, Bujang Runggu Ensing, and Aram Ngayap.
When met by reporters, Ricky added that he was thrilled to perform for the CUKK community, of which there are more than 103 thousand members throughout West Borneo.
More than one million people speak the Iban language in West Borneo. The various Iban communities adopt several names including Desa, Seberuang, Kantuk, Bugau, Sebaruk, Ketungau, Mualang and others.
Meanwhile, Munaldus, Chief and a CUKK founder added that the institution’s assets this year had reached more than RM 170 million. The association is also projecting an upward growth of 50 percent for the years 2011 – 2015. In collaboration with other CUs in Kalimantan, it has successfully helped poor farmers overcome poverty.
At the CUKK anniversary celebrations, Ricky sang 7 of his songs including Lelayang, Anak Dara Ibuk, Aram Ngayap and Bujang Runggu Ensing. Present at the event were 500 CUKK members, as well as officials from Sintang Regency. His performance was met enthusiastically by fans in Sintang who sang and danced along to the popular Iban tunes.
His appearance was also publicised on Radio Republik Indonesia, Sintang Regency.

*Alexander Mering is Sarawak Update’s correspondent in Indonesia



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