Ricky El will vote in Ulu Entabai, Meluan

WEST KALIMANTAN -  Popular Iban singer Ricky El advised voters especially his fans in Sarawak, to vote during the upcoming state elections on April 16.
He said this when met at a performance for one of the biggest credit cooperative financial institutions in Kalimantan, Keling Kumang Credit Union’s (CUKK) 18th Anniversary celebrations, in Sintang Regency here last night.
Ngarap ke sama nurun ngundi pemimpin tu ila, sepenau diri empu meh, ni tepatut diundi ila,” said Ricky, affirming that he would be voting in Ulu Entabai, Julau in Sarikei Division.
He also added that he had just finished recording his latest album, feat Sima and an album for Gawai. To date, Ricky has 20 albums under his belt, including his famous album titled ‘Bujang Runggu Ensing’ produced by Cahaya Manis Production.
“We just sent the master tape for processing in Kuala Lumpur. I hope that these albums would be accepted by fans in Sarawak and also in Indonesia,” he said.

*Alexander Mering is Sarawak Update’s correspondent in Indonesia


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